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Brazilian House Music NYC Rooftop Launch Party

In Copartying on April 10, 2010 at 11:46 pm

Brazilian House Music NYC Rooftop Launch Party by Digital Media Events at Sushi Samba, NYC – dr.ron is out with entertainment lawyer, Steven Masur, whose Blackberry wouldn’t work with FourSquare. Out of 150 people we noticed about four people had checked in with FourSquare. Does that say something about the choice of name for the event or something about FourSquare? Anyway, FourSquare is geographic place specific and Digital Media Events moves around NYC, so you can only tag the place – Sushi Samba. Whatever the answer, it was a beautiful day for a roof top party with a DJ! They seem to have run out of Brazilian house after a couple of hours, so I should have brought my laptop DJ gear 😉